• Integrated energy solutions

    E.NEXT International Electrotechnical Group together with its affiliated companies is one of the largest dealers of electrotechnical equipment in Eastern Europe and former CIS countries.

    Our mission

    To implement the complex solution in power industry, satisfying the customer’s demand for high quality electrical products with reasonable price, maintaining the leading positions in electrotechnical industry sector with the best servicing quality.

    Brand E.NEXT associates powerful modern industrial lines, highly professional engineering and design centers and highly qualified employees, as well as testing laboratories, repair-service departments and regional commercial and industrial offices in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and Moldova Republic.

Complex solutions in power industry

The company realizes the complex electrical solutions for oil, agricultural, building, construction and industrial sectors. The company produces and supplies power control equipment for all voltage classes.

Integrated energy solutions
    We offer:
  • production and supply of electrotechnical equipment, automation equipment and soft;
  • projecting and adjustment (start-up) of electric power systems, automation and fire-detecting systems, lightning and earthing systems, as well as guaranteed power supply without failures;
  • installation, start-up and set-up operation services;
  • production of low voltage complete devices with different configurations and modifications;
  • production of electronic cabinets, control and automatics stations;
  • developing and adjustment (start-up) of automatized systems ASCAPS, ADCS, SCADA;
  • all-in-one lightning and earthing systems;
  • implementation of complex power management on enterprises;
  • service maintenance of supplied equipment.

Packaged supply of electrotechnical goods

Electric suppliying
    Product range is including more than 10 000 items of different products:
  • automatic circuit breakers, differential current circuit breakers, protection tripping relays;
  • power automatic circuit breakers, switch actuators, contactors and starters;
  • light fixtures: fluorescent tubes, grille lamps, waterproof, floodlights, street lights;
  • energy-saving lamps, filament lamp, fluorescent, halogen lamps;
  • cabling and wiring products, twisted pair cables, CIW fittings;
  • cable routing products: PVC trunking channels and accessories, corrugated and smooth tube, metal hose, cable terminals, cable channel systems;
  • distribution board housing (metal and plastic);
  • junction and distribution boxes;
  • domestic switches and sockets, extension cords;
  • tools for electricians.