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  • Modernization of the Static Capacitors Batteries (SCB) complex of the Teresva substation


    E.NEXT-Ukraine Electrotechnical Company, together with the specialists of PJSC «Zakarpattiaoblenerho» and with the support of its partner — International Capacitors (TM Lifasa), Spain, has implemented the project of complete Modernization of the SCB substation of 110/35/10 kV «Teresva» with a total capacity of 5.3MVAr 10 kV.

    The complex consists of two units, 3 and 2.3 MVAr, assembled on the basis of modern environmentally friendly power capacitors TM Lifasa, protected by microprocessor terminals GE Multilin 350 "General Electric", equipped with systems for microclimate and locking.

    The installed equipment allowed unloading the 110 kV power line and 110/35/10 kV power transformer at reactive power, raising the voltage on the busbars of 10kV and 35kV, improving the quality of power supply to consumers.